We Didn’t Get Tickets!

I woke up this morning around 5:30 and Phil was getting into bed. I literally did a double take, looking from him to the clock and back.

“What are you doing here?”

“They ran out of tickets.”

“What do you mean, they ran out of tickets?”

“The Park Police came by, handed out numbered programs and then they ran out. The last guy to get tickets arrived around 2:00, I got there at 2:45.”

The others in line around him were amazed, too. They had arrived at the same time in previous years and had gotten tickets. We got a great entrance time in 2002 when Phil got there at 2:30. What had changed this year?

We were very disappointed, of course. We’d already told the children about the Easter Egg Roll, had shown them the website, told them about Curious George…We never dreamed we wouldn’t get tickets. I had prayed it wouldn’t rain overnight while Phil was out there, I prayed for his safety, but I never thought to pray that we’d actually get tickets. As I was going back to sleep, I prayed, “Lord, why don’t you want us to have tickets for this?”

I got up this morning and did a google search, looking for an explanation. I found this:

We didn’t get tickets!!

I am so angry!!!

It’s not just the particular people involved. God loves them and sees them in a way I don’t. But they are trying to take over this very nice, non-political event in order to push their agenda. This event is open to everyone. Yes, it’s difficult to get tickets, so it’s ok to send a proxy, someone who is available to be in line over night, if you need to. And while it is legal to use modern technology to organize a group to stand in lines for others, it is definitely NOT COOL!!!

Phil and I were talking, at with even just 100 volunteers standing in line as proxies, that would have pushed him and others back enough to not get tickets. 100 people in line equals 500 tickets to the event. Even 20 volunteers in line in front of him would mean 100 tickets gone.

There are a limited number of tickets being given out on Monday, so we may try again.

But next year! We are going to sign up with these people and say we need tickets! Then we’ll show up, claim our tickets and t-shirts from them, toss the shirts in the trash and go roll us some Easter Eggs.

Is it very wrong to hope they get rained out on Monday?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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