All Present and Accounted For

Well, everyone’s all here.  Phil’s parents and brothers, my parents, my grandma, aunt and cousin.  Nine extra people in total. They are not all staying at our tiny little house, though at some point today I expect them all to be here.  But the weather is nice and our gazebo gives us a whole extra "room" to sit in.  It’s kind of cool that so many of our family could come out to be with us this weekend – hardly anyone has ever visited us as we’ve moved around the world.  I wish some of them could have stayed longer though.  Washington, DC is so full of things to see that it is a shame that some of our guests are just flying in then flying out again.


Tonight is Bip’s baptism.  I found a very nice boy’s gown online which he just barely fits into with his fat little self.  I searched all over the internet and bought him the largest size I could find.  Each one of my children have their own gown. Looking back, each one expresses my personality in some different way.  My oldest wore my baptismal gown.  He was almost too big to wear it but he looked so cute.  I didn’t know better at the time, so I don’t have any formal pictures of him in it.  Pumpkin Girl, the next baby, has a very simple, very sweet gown with Battenburg lace.  Rebecca’s is extravagant.  She was such a sweet pouffy cloud!  It was all lace and very long.  Bip’s is simple and sweet, with a pointed collar and decorative buttons up the front.  It is also long.  Someday, when I get some spare time, maybe I will embroider each child’s initials on the slip of their gown.

Tomorrow we have a lull in activities.  We’re planning on brunch at the Officer’s Club.  We’ve never been to it here, but if it holds up to the standards of other brunches at other clubs, it will be quite the feast.

Monday is Philip’s promotion.  It may very well be his last promotion, but of course, that is all in God’s hands.  We did something silly with his cake, I’ll take a picture and share it later.  I wish his old battalion commander (and Rebecca and Bip’s godfather) was going to be here to see it.  I think he would have gotten quite a laugh.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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