Promotion Day

Event #2, Philip’s promotion, is over.  For those of you keeping track, he is now a lieutenant colonel.  We had a nice, quick ceremony followed by a reception.  Philip gave me a huge bouquet of flowers.

Among the flowers are 2 blue carnations for our two boys, a pink rose for Pumpkin Girl and a lily for Rebecca.  That meant so much to me!  He really can be so sweet!


Now usually, cakes at promotion parties are decorated with the soldier’s new rank, but we thought we’d have a little more fun than that.  Here’s what we did:



And look what was installed on our carport today:


Seeing it in print makes it really start to sink in!


Most of our guests have gone home now and my parents will be leaving shortly, too.  Then it’s back to life as usual.  Well, sort of.  Philip’s off to a conference for the week  But the kids and I will be back to school.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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