FlyLady Friday

I  had great plans to make yesterday FlyLady Friday and talk about the work I’ve been doing all week, but well, I was tired and I forgot.  So here I am today.

I’m hoping that writing regularly about the progress I’m making in the house will help keep me motivated.

Last week was the master bedroom.  It’s hard for me to work on the master bedroom because my housework time is during Bip’s nap time and he naps in my room.  So I tried something new this week.  In between nap times I put a video in for Bip to watch while he sat on my bed and I worked.  He likes "The Brady Bunch."  As a treat, I also let Boo and Pumpkin watch a couple episodes, too.  This way, nobody had a melt down when if I left the room.  I ignored FlyLady’s missions this time and just did my own thing.  First I pulled everything out of the room that didn’t belong there.  I sorted through what I could, but a lot of it went into the guest room.  Right away the room looked better.  Then I put a paper bag in the corner to toss the baby’s clothes in when he outgrows them.  You can’t even see the bag unless you know where to look.  Next I tackled our shelves.  We put some shelves up on either side of our bed to hold nick nacky things.  I was never happy with the way they looked – sort of random and haphazard.  I put more thought into how I arranged things and I’m much happier with them.

I also cleared off the top of Philip’s dresser and both our side tables.  A good dusting all around and the whole room looks a lot nicer.  I was also able to yank some clothes out of my closet for the donate box.

Next week is living room.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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