How are you enjoying your summer?  Ours is heating up!  Today is supposed to be the hottest day in DC in 4 years.  Why is that?  Global warming?  Lot’s of hot air spewing from the politicians?  Nope.  It’s me.  I live in DC and I hate summer.  Anything over 75 degrees and I head for the air conditioned goodness of my home.  Today is supposed to be 100 degrees, with the heat index around 105.  Clearly, me being here is causing it.  I always bring the worst heat to whatever region I’m living in.  Don’t all start thanking me at once.

The good news is, summer will be over soon enough.  In about 6 weeks, the weather will be cooling down and it will be downright pleasant.  I remember the last time we lived inside the Beltway.  After a hot and sticky summer, September finally rolled around, bringing lower temperatures and cooling breezes. We had a block party on the last  Saturday of summer, what I will remember as the last weekend of innocence.  We gathered together, fired up the grills, dug into the great potluck dishes and celebrated Labor Day Weekend 2001.   Three days later everything changed.  September 11, 2001.  I’m sure you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard about the first plane.  My husband was the one who told me about the Pentagon, before the news had even picked it up.  One of his co-workers had seen the plane go in.

On September 11, 2006 the blogging world will pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks.  2,996 bloggers will write a tribute on their blog to honor a single victim.  2,996 bloggers, 2,996 victims.

If you would like to partcipate, just go here to sign up (or click the above graphic).  Once you have been assigned a name, the site has links to look up biographical information to help you write your tribute.  A simple Google search will help, too.


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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