Where Rebecca is From

Where I am From (Rebecca)

I am from moving boxes, labelled and numbered, from Disney and soy milk.

I am from the military quarters with shared backyards, flags waving and Taps over the loud speakers.

I am from the tulips in spring, the petunias in summer, and the warm red tomatoes from the garden.

I am from pancakes and bacon on Saturday mornings and macabowwows, from Mary Esther, Marie and Maria.

I am from too many words that tell enthusiastic stories.

From "She’s a very nice baby" and "ok, that’s enough."

I am from Catholicism, Mass on Saturday, snacks in the fellowship room, flowing Baptismal gowns.

I’m from Yongsan Garrison South Korea, Hong Kong, California, Mexican and Chinese immigrants, hopeful for a better life.  From ravioli and the Halloween Dinner.

From Daddy’s grandpa disguised as a girl, "That’s my knee!" and "Boo can’t reach it!"

I am from Mama’s half finished scrapbooks, portraits on the wall, digital pictures saved on disc and a drawer full of photo envelopes.

I am from hearts weeping through the night but finding joy in the morning.

I am from Love.

This poem is in memory of our sweet baby, Rebecca Maria.  We miss you sweetheart.  You have blessed us more than you know.

[I entered this poem in the writing contest at Joy in the Morning]


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Lorri, that made me cry…thanks. I just wanted to tell you that was beautiful. Miss you guys. Love you lots…may rainbows fill your days.

  • What a wonderful way to remember Rebecca! Thank you for sharing it with us. That was so beautiful. I sit here teary eyed trying to type.
    Love ya,

  • What a precious tribute Thanks for giving a little glimpse of your sweet Rebecca. I know you miss her terribly. I’m so glad you have these real, palpable memories of her. My heart weeps for your sadness. My little girl had urological problems that were very nearly missed, so this particular situation is very near and dear to our family, too. She does not have reflux, but she has a condition that often goes undiagnosed until it has caused kidney damage. These things can be soooooo serious.

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am very glad that I came across your blog. I love reading about your life happenings and family. Thanks for sharing with all of us out here in cyber-world!

  • THank you so much for sharing about your precious little Rebecca. My heart goes out to you, as I too know the pain of buring a child. This is a special poem, and hope you will be able to put it in her scrapbook. This is touching.

    Today your poem is featured on my blog. Be sure to come by & visit.

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