Some Milestones

Well, looks like I’m at risk of being labelled a Bad Blogger! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging.

Bip has apparently decided that crawling is so last month and has moved on to pulling himself to standing with the couch, then cruising along using the couch as support. He’ll use anything and anyone available to help him along. Now that he is highly mobile, we have really made an effort to baby-proof the house. He is also a happier baby than he has been in recent weeks. He often surprises us by peeking out from around the corner as he comes looking for us.

I’ve also made some great progress with his sleep issues. I’ve determined that he needs at least 30 minutes to get himself completely asleep. He doesn’t need to be nursing the whole 30 minutes, but I’d better not try to sneak away! Now that I know how long he needs to get to sleep, I can be better prepared to put him down. He goes to his naps more peacefully and sleeps better, which sets him up for a better night’s sleep.

I’ve been trying to teach him baby signs. He’s not picking them up as quickly as Pumpkin Girl did, but then again, we suspect that Pumpkin Girl is gifted in language. Nicholas is now waving goodbye, shakes his head “no” and can let me know he wants to nurse. We are working on “more”, “duck”, and “up.” The only problem is that he’s so darn cute! If he’s getting into trouble and I say “Bip, no,” he looks at me with that sweet little face and enthusiastically shakes his head “no.” Then I have to try to maintain a serious face, but I can’t help but laugh at his chubby self. Sigh. Not too good for teaching him to obey. Oh well.

And Pumpkin Girl had an eventful night! We were at church, attending the dinner/Bingo night. She had just taken a bite of hot dog when she realized that her loose tooth was finally ready to come out! Philip whisked her off to the bathroom and they returned, tooth in hand and Pumpkin Girl with a new gap in her smile! It is the first tooth she’s lost! Then during Bingo, Boo was getting bored and I was getting irritated at the family that had won 3 times and were still playing, so we were getting ready to leave. Pumpkin Girl wanted to stay one more game, so we did. And of course, she won! She chose a pink teddy bear, no surprise there. She was quite pleased with herself.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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