Some Heroes Have Fur

September 11 is coming up again and this year will be the 5th anniversary of those events that should never have happened.  If you would like to mark this painful date with a tribute on your blog to one of the victims, please click the link on my sidebar.  As of today, there are not enough people signed up for every victim to be honored.  You don’t have to be a great writer or to have known the person you are assigned.  A simple Google search will give you enough information to write a short paragraph.  That’s really all that’s needed.  We’re just trying to remember that these were real people, with ordinary lives, just like you and me, who got caught in extra ordinary circumstances.

While there is information readily available about the heroes and victims of that day, not as much is known about the people and animals who worked tirelessly in the search and recovery efforts.  I can’t even imagine such a job!  The mother of one of my lifelong friends is one of those people.  She and Lucy the Wonder Dog worked several recovery missions, including the World Trade Center.  Lucy the Wonder Dog had to be put down recently.  Please go read the great tribute to Lucy and the great work she did over her lifetime.  I’m not so much a dog person, but Lucy is a Hero in my book!  Well done, Lucy.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • It’s been almost a week since I had to let my sweet old Lucy go. I was just beginning to be able to talk about her without tears in my eyes when I got the link to your blog from my daughter. The tears are back, but they are tears of pride for my old girl. Thank you for honoring her. I’m on my way out to the rubble site right now to lay some flowers where she lay when she passed over. Then I will let go of my grief and remember only the good times.

    Shanti’s Mom

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