Joy In the Morning

Today we celebrate Bip’s First Birthday. Trying to describe just how much he means to our family is impossible. All the pain and grief have not gone, but they have been softened by the arrival of our little boy. He does not replace Rebecca, no one ever could, instead he has created is own unique space in our family. He makes us laugh and brings us all so much happiness. Over the last year we have often said, “It is so nice to have a baby in the house again.” This last year has presented it’s own special challenges, but throughout, one thing remains, and that is our love for him, and his for us.

So here’s to Bip, a very special gift from God, and living proof that while weeping may in fact last through the night, Joy does come in the Morning.

August 2005

August 17, 2006

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • He is so precious!!! What a beautiful boy. Wishing him a wonderful birthday!!! And wishing you comfort and peace. God bless your family … Brooke

  • He is so handsome. I know you are proud. And I know what you mean about babies bringing so much joy to a home. And they can help our hearts. My third child was born a year (almost to the day) after a miscarriage and I thought so much how such sorrow had come to joy. It seems with bittersweet times, the bitterness does make the sweetness so much more sweet. At least it worked that way for me. Take care.

  • Happy Belated First Birthday!!! Sorry this is late Lorri, but know that I am thinking of you guys!! I miss you guys so much!

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