First Day of School

We ended our summer of fun with a homeschooling support group picnic in our backyard. Actually, it was our next door neighbors and our combined, fenceless backyard. We figured it we be the best place, between our two families we have a swing set, climbing-sliding thing, playhouse and our yards open onto a huge field. We really need the combined yards and field because this wasn’t just any homeschooling support group, but the Catholic homeschool group. Between the 8 families in attendance, we have close to 40 children.

Great fun was had by all, even though an unattended 3 year old got into our fountain, threw the porecelain fisherman, thus losing his fishing pole and fish. The little girl was even drinking the water…ew!!!

Today was our first day of Kindergarten for Pumpkin Girl and 2nd grade for Boo. Boo has been so excited about this that he’s been begging me for school since Thursday. “I just can’t help it Mama, I need to do school!” I hope his enthusiasm lasts for a long time. Our first day went well, a few minor hiccups as I got back into the groove again. Boo said his favorite part of the day was getting to use his new binder. It’s one of those updated Trapper Keeper type things with a million little zipped pouches. Pumpkin Girl like learning about the flags of other countries.

However our day was muted at the discovery that Rose the Crab had died. Pumpkin Girl was quite upset, not hysterical, but sad and weepy. She made a little memorial for Rose:

It says “My first pet, I love Rose, Pumpkin” with a very nice picture of Rose taped to it. The back says, “Rose deer(sic) I love you So, I hope you come home to me. Pumpkin.” We debated burying Rose in the backyard or giving her a burial at sea, but the backyard won out. We thanked God for letting us care for one of his creatures and buried her under the garden gnome.

Rose the Crab, kind of crabby, but well loved.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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