Our Days Are Just Packed

All of our Fall activities are in place and we have quite a schedule this year!

* Monday-Pumpkin Girl, dance
* Tuesday-Philip, choir
* Wednesday-Boo, soccer and Me, every other week is CWOC
* Thursday-Pumpkin Girl, Daisy Scouts, Boo, Cub Scouts
* Friday-Boo, Soccer, me and kids, homeschool group
* Saturday- Boo, soccer game, whole family, church
* Sunday-Philip sings in the choir, kids have Sunday school

We have also volunteered to be the point contact for popcorn sales for Boos’ wolf den. Philip will be traveling this month to Germany and next month to Korea.

Throw in the holidays and birthdays and I’m not sure we’re going to survive all this. But that’s why I strive to have my holidays as planned in advance as possible. Speaking of which, I bought all our costumes for Halloween. The whole family is dressing up as a group and I needed to make sure I could get all of the costumes. Boo’s will need some tailoring. Nothing too complicated, but when I saw that, I was glad that I bought it so early.

I’ve done some other holiday preparations, like updating our Christmas card list. Next on my plan is to inventory the gifts I have already bought and figure out what else I need to buy. I should be done with the kids’ gifts by mid-October. I’ll need to have Boo’s birthday gift by then anyway, might as well have them all done at the same time. After I square away the gift situation, I’ll take a look at my baking plans. I don’t have room in my freezer to make anything in advance, but at least I can make sure I have ingredients on hand.

Hmm. I think that as long as I remember to check my calendar every day, maybe we can actually enjoy ourselves, not just survive.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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