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More Pictures
Back from Vacation
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Los Dias de Los Muertos

More Pictures

As you can see, I’m back. We moved into our new house on Thanksgiving Day and spent the day unpacking. We lost our internet connection when we moved around the computer and finally got it fixed on Tuesday. I know you’re all dying to see the pictures of the our damaged house, so here they are.

The water leak started in the upstairs master bathroom. Our entire carpet was soaked, as was much of the room next to ours. Most of the damage was done to the ceiling directly under the flooded rooms. So I present to you…our kitchen.



And the “office” area/junk depository:

Everything on, under and near the little roll top desk was completely soaked.

The hooks on the wall were holding portraits of our children, which our neighbors rescued. The bookshelf held mostly school books. Out of thousands of dollars worth of curriculum, I only lost about 8 Explode the Code Workbooks. That wet wall is a common wall, but fortunately, the neighbors on that side have not seen any damage.

Believe it or not, I had cleaned up this area ALOT before we left.

Just for the record, Longaberger baskets dry out beautifully. They will also grow mold if thrown into a box while wet and left there for 3 weeks. Luckily, the mold washes off and if caught in time, doesn’t even leave a trace.


So which pictures do you want to see first, Disneyland or our damaged house? How about the fun stuff first.

Our Disneyland trip was a great one, despite everything. We went all out this year and got a suite at the Disneyland Hotel. The extra expense was well worth the convenience of being right there to return as needed, being able to have our souvenirs sent to our room, and the chance to swim in the Peter Pan themed pool, complete with pirate ship. This was the view from our room.

Now that Boo is 8, he was able to go on many rides by himself. He was most excited about solo-ing on Dumbo. He also rode alone on the Gadget Coaster in Toon Town and in a moment of parental lapse of judgment, I let him ride alone on Big Thunder Mountain. We all love Big Thunder Mountain, but I haven’t ridden it in years because I have been pregnant each of the previous 3 Disneyland trips. So I was really excited to ride this time and Phil stayed back with Bip. I must have been overcome with anticipation when the attendant asked us if we wanted 2 cars. I said yes and Boo climbed into the car in front of me and Pumpkin Girl. Then it started to dawn on me that I had just let my first born son sit by himself on a roller coaster with just some bar holding him in. No seat belt, so safety helmet, no 5 point harness. He’s buckled in more safely into our minivan! And while he is indeed old enough to ride alone, he’s really tiny and likely to slip right out of the “safety” bar and go flying off. All these thoughts went whipping through my head in the split second before our train started going. My enjoyment of the ride was extremely deminished by worrying about Boo. Every time we slowed down, I would lean forward and beg him to hold on. He’s fine of course. Me, not so much.

The rest of the trip was blissfully uneventful. Besides the whole house flooding thing. Pumpkin got an opportunity to meet several of her favorite princesses. This is my very favorite picture of her having a heart to heart talk with Jasmine.

Jasmine told her that she was a very pretty princess. I think she walked on clouds for the rest of the day. It was well worth the 40 minute wait, complete with an eye-rolling, bored-out-of-his-mind older brother.

Boo got to meet several of his Disney favorites, too.

Bip really enjoyed seeing all the sites. He leaned forward in the stroller and pointed to all the things he liked . Sometimes, though, the expression on his face clearly said, “Does my Nana know I’m here?”

He didn’t enjoy the YoHo-ing Pirates as much as Boo did at the same age. He squeezed Phil tightly every time it got dark or he got nervous. Unfortunately, It’s a Small World was getting a Christmas make-over while we were there and was closed.

I think Bip would have liked it.



Back from Vacation

We are back from a great Disneyland vacation! Pictures and details will follow soon.  Sadly, we got a call from a neighbor while we were gone that our house had flooded and was damaged.  We finished out our vacation and came home to see the damage.  We’re now in the process of moving into another house and trying to assess the damage.  Most of our personal property is fine, some papers and books are a total loss, but nothing important like pictures, scrapbooks or Longaberger baskets.  So while we’re dealing with having to unpack our whole house just in time for the holidays, I may not be able to blog as much as before.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve even powered up our computer since we left.

All of our house is packed up and waiting to be moved into the new house, which will occur Monday and Tuesday.  We’ll work Wednesday at getting the bedrooms suitable to move in and hopefully be out of our hotel on Thursday.  We’ve already ordered our Thanksgiving dinner from the Officer’s Club on base, so we’ll be over-stuffed as usual this year, in spite of the circumstances.

On top of all this, I’m fighting a cold and Nicholas is cutting two molars.  I’m little tired and worn out, but ok.

Did you hear on the news about a cruise ship having 700 people come down with some virus?  My parents were on that ship!  My dad got sick and was quarantined, but it sounds like they are ok, too.

Knitting Victories

Several months ago, I reported on the knitting disasters that I had snatched from the jaws of victory. Nearly completed, these projects sat in a basket over the summer, while I denied their existence and pretended that they weren’t really bugging me. Based on past experience, these projects would have remained in permanent time out, never to be seen again. But these were for my children, who have the annoying habit of outgrowing their clothes. Either I finished their sweaters this Fall or they would never wear them. So I got crack-a-lackin’ and behold – finished projects!

First, I give you Pumpkin Girl’s “pom pom”:

When I first finished it, it was barely big enough to fit her. My long time crafting buddy reassured me that a good soaking and careful blocking would teach that poncho who’s boss. She was right. The yarn is a very soft, very blockable merino and was happy to become the correct size. I’m happy to report that Pumpkin Girl should get at least 2 year’s wear out of it.

And now, Bip’s sweater.

Before it was all made up, there was a bit of concern as to whether or not it would fit his pudgy self. With the edges rolling up all over the place, it did look a bit small. However, now that he’s worn it, it looks like he’ll be able to wear it at least until Spring, possibly even next Fall, too.

This sweater almost didn’t happen. It was almost all done and I was weaving in and clipping loose yarn ends. I clipped a little too close and the next thing I knew, a hole was growing right in the center of the sweater front. I almost cried. I managed to stick the now live stitches on a holder to prevent further damage. Believe it or not, I completely mended the hole and properly weaved (wove? woved?) in and secured the ends, without a trace of the hole! Even from the back, you have to look really hard to find the mending. Note to self: start a new ball of yarn at the end of the row, like every good knitting book says so you can tie it off with a big ol’ honkin’ square knot (gasp!) which you can then hide in the seam.



Los Dias de Los Muertos

On a whim, I decided that we would celebrate Dias de Los Muertos this year.  We didn’t go all out with all the altars, decorations and foods.  We couldn’t go to the graves of our loved ones because we live all the way on the other side of the country.  We kept it simple and made sugar skulls and drank atole.

Here’s our sugar skulls, fresh out of the molds:

Here they are, all decorated:

They were very simple to make, and a lot of fun, just time consuming.  The more brightly colored and lavishly decorated, the better, so you can really let loose with the creativity.

Atole happens to be one of my favorite drinks. 

We’re listening to Mexican folk songs during lunch.


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