Knitting Victories

Several months ago, I reported on the knitting disasters that I had snatched from the jaws of victory. Nearly completed, these projects sat in a basket over the summer, while I denied their existence and pretended that they weren’t really bugging me. Based on past experience, these projects would have remained in permanent time out, never to be seen again. But these were for my children, who have the annoying habit of outgrowing their clothes. Either I finished their sweaters this Fall or they would never wear them. So I got crack-a-lackin’ and behold – finished projects!

First, I give you Pumpkin Girl’s “pom pom”:

When I first finished it, it was barely big enough to fit her. My long time crafting buddy reassured me that a good soaking and careful blocking would teach that poncho who’s boss. She was right. The yarn is a very soft, very blockable merino and was happy to become the correct size. I’m happy to report that Pumpkin Girl should get at least 2 year’s wear out of it.

And now, Bip’s sweater.

Before it was all made up, there was a bit of concern as to whether or not it would fit his pudgy self. With the edges rolling up all over the place, it did look a bit small. However, now that he’s worn it, it looks like he’ll be able to wear it at least until Spring, possibly even next Fall, too.

This sweater almost didn’t happen. It was almost all done and I was weaving in and clipping loose yarn ends. I clipped a little too close and the next thing I knew, a hole was growing right in the center of the sweater front. I almost cried. I managed to stick the now live stitches on a holder to prevent further damage. Believe it or not, I completely mended the hole and properly weaved (wove? woved?) in and secured the ends, without a trace of the hole! Even from the back, you have to look really hard to find the mending. Note to self: start a new ball of yarn at the end of the row, like every good knitting book says so you can tie it off with a big ol’ honkin’ square knot (gasp!) which you can then hide in the seam.



More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • these are great! I sooooo want to learn how to knit! I can make a scarf, but that’s it. Right now, I do not have the time, but I hope I will find the time soon. These look great and I am so impressed with your talent!


  • Both projects look amazing. That super merino really drapes well after a long soak – and the colors are prefect. How does Charlotte like it? Nicholas looks adorable in that sweater, too.

    Can you send me a measurement of Charlotte’s full foot? I measured, but I can’t remember what I measured, so it really does me no good right now…

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