I’ve been crafting!

All of my scrapbooking and stamping supplies are still mostly packed up.  I had such lovely plans to hand stamp my Christmas cards this year.  Sigh.

But look!  I have managed to get some crafting done.  I made this little leaf child.  I’ve always wanted to make a nature table for the children to mark the changing seasons.  Inspired by the book  The Nature Corner, I have been wanting to make little Root Children for winter, with accompanying leaf children for spring and summer.  But I’m not very good at assembling all the bits and pieces for a craft project.  I can never find all of the components needed and so I never even start my projects.  However, I am tremendously successful when using kits.  I was so happy to find all the root and leaf children I could want at Silken Sky Studio.  This little cutie is Grass.


I’ve also been getting in some knitting during Charlotte’s ballet class.



You can find the pattern here: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf.  Not that there is much need for a scarf around here these days. The yarn is Koigu Premium Merino, but I can’t tell you the color because the label seems to have gotten lost in our flood.  It was so pretty at the yarn store that I couldn’t leave it behind.  Doesn’t it look good next to my pink coat?


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Hey Lorri! Way to go on the crafting! I am jealous! I can’t find the time to do anything, but blog. LOL I so wish I could knit. I have 3 times a week in which I sit around waiting for children in practices and my hands are idle. OK, not really idle, I do have a 13 month old to watch, but I could be doing something crafty and constructive.

    And thanks for the comments over at my blessed throng. I will check with the ped and see what she thinks. I haven’t even gone that route.

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