Who Are You?

My blogging well of creativity is running dry.  Perhaps it is from the
Sudafed I’m taking for this cold that has me run down.  In any case, in
the absence of anything important/funny/noteworthy to say, I give you

Which Classic Heroine Are You?

Maid_marian_112I am Maid Marian

Beautiful and strong-willed, Lady Marian Fitzwalter is the lady love of the dashing outlaw, Robin Hood. She is skilled with a bow, but can match the manners of any lady of the Queen. She waits earnestly for the day when King Richard will return and wed her to Robin.
Which Classic Heroine are You?

I have no idea how these quizzes manage to so accurately describe me!  So who are you?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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