Working on the Playroom

Thank you for your suggestions and support about our playroom!  I have used some of the suggestions, as well as ideas from I’m An Organizing Junkie and the book Organization From the Inside Out.  I think I’ve developed a plan.   I’ll be posting my progress so you can cheer me on!

Here’s the plan.

1. Sort and  Purge.  I will do a good portion of this myself.  However, I don’t want to scar my children forever by getting rid of some much loved toy, so I’m sticking mainly to the obvious trash and toys I know they’ve outgrown.  Then they’ll have the chance to help me purge.  As we go through process, items will be grouped with like items.

2.  Evaluate the needs of the room.  With what is left in the room, sit down with the children and get their ideas for what they want the room to be.   Divide the room into zones.

3.  Assign a home to every toy, based on the zones.

4.  Containerize.  I know we already need to get a second tall bookshelf in there and some wall shelves for display.  We have to figure out something to do with Pumpkin’s Polly Pocket-type Disney Princesses and their half a million pieces, too.  She’s also got a bunch of other small toys that need some sort of bag to live in.

So that’s my plan as today.  I may adjust it if I need to.  So on to step one…Purging the Toys!


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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