Success with the Doctor

So we wrapped up Philip’s week of leave with one last trip to the doctor.  In the middle of getting Pumpkin Girl’s statistics taken, the fire alarm sounded.  So we all filed neatly and quietly out of the building and stood around in the shade waiting for the all clear.  The fresh air perked Pumpkin Girl up quite a bit and she was behaving much like her normal, sweet self, in spite of having a temperature of 102.7!

Earlier she had fallen asleep on the couch, then didn’t want anything but yogurt for lunch.  She was tired and achy, not at all like the bright eyed girl talking to the doctor!  Bip was doing better, too, hiding behind the curtain in the exam room and running around as best he could in the small room.  His fever had returned in the morning and even our little non-sleeping wonder had a morning nap. 

The doctor we saw was the same one I saw yesterday for my pink eye.  We filled her in on the rest of the story, including the timeline of Boo’s illnesses.  She looked at all our throats and ears and agreed that we should be on antibiotics.  Definitely Pumpkin, with her fever, headache and sore throat.  She hesitated about Bip, who’s fever was lower and is also on daily antibiotics anyway.  She also hesitated over me, since I don’t have a fever at all, but she thought my throat looked awful.  In the end, I think the fact that it is Friday pushed her over.  With the symptoms and positive exposure to strep, she thought it was best to be safe.  We’re taking Bip off his daily Septra during his course of amoxicillin, since will cover the same bacteria and to help prevent diarrhea. 

So now we’re all (except Philip who remains symptomless) on antibiotics.  All different kinds, doses and schedules.  I’m keeping track of them on our white board, along with all our doses of Tylenol or motrin.  Poor Pumpkin had such a terrible fever nightmare this afternoon!  With trying to get everyone squared away when we got home, I forgot to give her more Tylenol!  Hopefully I can keep everyone straight now.

This was not at all how we had planned our week.  At first we were going to Philadelphia to see the King Tut exhibit, but we waited too long to try to get tickets.  But since Philip took leave, we decided to do a little bit of school, then have some local adventures.  We wanted to return to Mount Vernon and find another museum to visit.  Those plans kept getting put off as we got sicker and sicker.  Philip celebrated a major milestone birthday on Wednesday, which went largely ignored.  We were going to go out to dinner to celebrate, but again, we were just too sick.  So here we are at the end of the week and we didn’t get to do anything fun.  Unless you count the fire alarm evacuation of the clinic.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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