Scenes From A Saturday

I present to you my Saturday:

Did a little gardening and a lot of chatting with friends. Our house is one of the last ones next to the baseball field and several of my friends walked by on their way to the games. I only got about a third of the front flower beds planted and nothing in the backyard. I was glad to stop and chat, though.

Took Pumpkin Girl to hula lessons. She was asked to dance in the Asian-Pacific Islander festival on base. I got the rehearsal time wrong, but she was able to get a private lesson anyway. She picked it up very quickly and will have more rehearsals before the performance.

Kids had a snack.

Watched the sky for signs of rain.


Admired Boo’s bean plant (another Cub Scout project). He’s hoping to actually harvest and eat the beans. It’s already got some pods!

Three packages arrived in the mail!

Yoikes, when did this happen?

Took the young ‘uns to church. We all sat in the crying room because Philip was at all-day Cub Scout training and didn’t get back in time. He ended up meeting us at the chapel right as Mass was getting started.

Boo had his last dose of penicillin! Yippee! Out of 40 doses, he only barfed once! Even Bip is happy for him.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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