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I got tagged by Muddy Boots to share my reading list.  Which leads me to wonder – am I supposed to be reading?  I love to read and used to read all the time until certain small people started showing up in my life and demanding my full attention.  The littlest one is particularly demanding in that he requires my presence during his entire nap.  I used to really fight hard against this, but the Good Lord pointed out to me that this was a great way for me to do more reading and also to take my own nap, if needed.

So without further ado, my current reading list is:

1.  The Sonlight Catalog.  Really.  I love this catalog.  I love to read the articles printed in it, if only to confirm for the millionth time why I chose Sonlight.  I love to read the Cores that are ahead of us, and just dream of all the wonderful books we’ll get to enjoy.  I like to look for pictures of families that I "know" from the Sonlight Forums.  It just makes me happy.

2.  Real Learning.  Catholic and Charlotte Mason homeschooling.  This book just soothes my frazzled nerves and puts me back on track when things start to go astray.

3. The Purpose Driven Life.  I have never read this one.  I happened to sit down next to a bookshelf on the day after Easter and noticed this book on our shelf.  I grabbed it for nap time and when I started reading, I discovered that it is a 40 day devotional!  Perfect, I could start that very day and wrap up at Pentecost.  I have enjoyed this book so much, that every day I think, "oh, I should blog about that!"  But then I realized that I would end up quoting the book so much as to be in danger of copyright violations.  I am looking forward to re-reading it in another season of my life, when I can write down my thoughts without trying to keep still and not wake the baby sleeping next to me.

4. Faith and Family magazine and The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  I’ll count them as one since they aren’t books.

So there you have it!  In turn, I’m tagging Rosetta Stone, Minnesota Mom, and Falling Like Rain.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I am also a lover of the Sonlight catalog, every night I sit down to nurse my baby and I grab that catalog! I love the book lists. I currently do not use Sonlight. Right now I am going back and forth between Sonlight and Seton. I worry about Sonlight not being Catholic and not catching things that I should. What would you suggest?
    Thank you so much!

  • I meant to say “for next year.” I look over the catalogs every night trying what to do for next year.

  • Yep, I love love love the Sonlight catalogue, also. (Like Jamie, we use Seton primarily. But I’ve ordered plenty of stuff from Sonlight.)

    Anyway, thank you for the tag, Lorri! I’m looking forward to writing a post about all the great books on my nightstand that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

    I’m not reading books ’cause–ahem!–I’m reading blogs! :) That and homeschooling five kids, of course.

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