Giving Credit Where It’s Due

I wrote earlier about our poor experience at Bethesday Naval Medical Center. Several people assured me that Bethesda has good customer service, but we maintained a sort of “wait and see” attitude. We’ve already been in touch with our pediatric urologist who reschedule our remaining test to be done at Walter Reed.

The patient advocate did call us back and Philip told her our whole story, minus how we wandered around through downtown DC, that wasn’t their fault! She was very sympathetic, of course, but pretty much what we’d expected. We dismissed it, knowing we would not be going back there, but sad for the children who would follow.

Then, to my surprise, the patient advocate called again the other day. They had followed through with our complaint, talked to our pediatric urologist and they have now decided that they will no longer being doing VCUGs on children at Bethesda! From now on they will be going to Walter Reed, where they have more experience with children and this test and are set up to handle them better! Can you believe it?

So a shout out to the Big Guy, who can take any situation and use it for the greater good! And a big “Well done!” to the folks at Bethesda who listened, took action and corrected a poor situation!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • And I’ve mainly had good experiences at Walter Reed with my kids. Same old pain in the neck bureaucracy, but good doctors and nurses, good service, compassionate care.

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