Fruit Mummy

Yummy, yummy!

To go along with our studies of Ancient Egypt, today we started making a mummy out of fruit.

First, we carved the face out of an apple:

Then we pulled the internal organs out of the orange body.

The Egyptians used wine to clean the body. We used rubbing alcohol.

Next, we sprinkled the body with sweet smelling spices to help with the odor. cimg2015.JPG

At this point our cinnamon covered apple-orange mummy is smelling delicious!

But now Pharaoh Fruitenkahmen is covered with natron to dry him out.

We’ll wait a week or two for him to completely dry out, then complete our project by wrapping him in cloth and making him a coffin.

Project supplies and instructions from Hands and Hearts History Kits.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • What an excellent project! We did Ancient Egypt this year, but I think this is a great hand-on activity that my children would love. We may do it anyway, just for fun. :)

  • What a wonderful project. Definately am going to take note of this one as we will be studying this in the near future. Thanks for the inspiration!

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