Pentecost Celebration

After Saturday’s Mass, our homeschool group put on a Pentecost play, followed by a potluck and party. The kids were really pleased when our priest and a few of the parishioners stayed for the play and even the food. The children wrote the play themselves and came up with the games for the party.

Above: The Apostles and Mary (as played by Pumpkin Girl, wearing the blue veil in the center) are gathered together.

Above: Mary and the Apostles have received the Holy Spirit and tongues of fire appeared over their heads. As the Holy Spirit walked behind each child, they each said something like “Jesus is the Messiah” in a foreign language. My children chose French and Spanish, to reflect their Franco-Hispanic culture. 😉 The littlest children said their lines in English. At the end, the children sang “Happy Birthday” to the Catholic Church.

At the party, we had a church building contest using blocks and legos.

The older boys built the winner of Best Basilica. Most of them are altar servers, so they paid great attention to the details of the church.

Winner of Best Native American-Inspired Church

Boo and Pumpkin Girl worked on the Winner of Best Modern Church. From the top you could see they also built an altar and pews inside. Their altar server fell down:

Pumpkin Girl remembered a recipe for cookies with crosses in them from a Clubhouse Jr magazine. Most of them turned out really well.
cross cookies

We also played “Pin the Cross to the Steeple” and “Saint Tag.” A great time was had by all.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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