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When we returned from Korea we spent the summer sweating it out in Norfolk, VA while Philip attended yet another military school. We were only there for 3 months, so we lived in a fully furnished 4 bedroom house that the Navy so thoughtfully provided for us. We had our “hold baggage” delivered there so that we could at least have toys, books, games and videos for the children. I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy and not in the mood to be out in the heat and humidity. I’m embarrassed to admit that we were more than a little enamored with American TV. So many choices! (But oy! the commercials! ) We particularly enjoyed watching reruns of “The Tick” on Saturday mornings and “Kim Possible” daily on the Disney Channel. At the time, Disney’s newest movie was “Sky High” which they advertised with one of my favorite 80’s hits, “I’ll Melt With You.”

Two years later, “Sky High” reached the top of our Netflix queue and showed up in our mailbox yesterday. I have to say that we all loved it! Boo and Pumpkin Girl like the action, I’m a BIG fan of all the 80’s songs. I haven’t heard The English Beat in sooo long! So this afternoon I made good use of Bip’s nap-time by going on iTunes and downloading a bunch of my favorite songs. And just like that – I’m back in high school again. Except without the angst. And with a minivan and kids added. OK, so not so much back in high school, but I’m having fun. I added my new songs to my playlist of Definitive Songs of the 80s. I’ve got 109 songs on that list!

This was all a very long way of telling you that this post is being written while I’m destroying my eardrums with my iPod. “Cuz you’ve got love, love, love on your side…”

Because what I set out to tell you about was this: Mommy Cards. Have you heard of these? They are the newest thing to have. Like business cards, they provide all the information you might like a new friend to have. Say you meet a new family at the park. Maybe you’d like to arrange more play dates at the park. Or your new friend is interested in homeschooling, or maybe even in starting a homeschooling group. Or maybe she, like you, thinks that the 80’s so totally rock man! I actually met a mom a couple of weeks ago at the ice skating rink. Both our daughters were struggling in the class and we thought maybe we could join forces and share semi-private lessons. We each dug around in our purses for papers and pens and I was fortunate enough to have printed out my receipt for the class and was able to use part of that paper so that we could exchange information.

That’s where some Mommy Cards would have been nice. When I first heard about them I kind of laughed. But then I got to really thinking about it. It’s moving season here in the military and we’re going to get a bunch of new neighbors soon. I’ll meet them at the park, at church, or I’ll take them a batch of cookies as a welcome. It would be nice to just be able to hand them a card with our names and phone number on it, to help them remember us.

So I did a Google Search for “mom business cards.” There are a lot out there and they are very cool looking. They are also very expensive! One place wanted $20 for 50, another place wanted nearly $40 for 60. Ouch. Then I thought of Vista Print, the people who do the free business cards. They’ve got lots of fun, free designs, but they also have even more that you can pay for. We had return address labels made by them with little caricature faces of each member of our family. I wondered if they made similar caricature business cards – sure enough, they do! They only want $7.99 for 50. I chose a cool, patriotic looking design and added all our faces. I saved some money and chose super slow shipping, so they’ll be here in a couple of weeks. I probably could have gone even cheaper and printed them out myself, but I prefer the look of a professional card.

So anyway, I thought I’d share my cool find. Back to my 80’s tunes…

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I made some of these with some kind of template that we downloaded. I printed them on business card cardstock, but I bet the professional ones look even better. Mine have a rose on them.

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