Just a Little “Dis” tracted

So I have been totally obsessing over our Disney Cruise. I bought this totally cool travel guide. If you’re planning a Disney trip of any kind, you need one of these Passporters. Trust me. I splurged and got the deluxe version because it comes with a rich Corinthian leather binder so you can add and subtract pages as needed. And a pen, lets not forget about the pen. I’ve only had mine for 4 days and already it’s filled with sticky flags to indicate that Some Important Point is made on a page. In about a week, though, they will be completely useless because all the pages with have flags. You would not believe how much information there is in the Passporter. Or out on the internet, for that matter. I have found three different forums where crazed Disney fans can plan their trips, report on their trip, help others plan their trips and dream about going on another Disney trip. I fit right in.

Meanwhile, Bip has added “Mickey” to his 35 word vocabulary.

Boo and Pumpkin Girl, on the other hand, have not been playing quietly while Mama plans their wonderful vacation. With a total lack of parental supervision those little hooligans have been getting themselves in trouble. I won’t go into detail, but let me just say that they have lost their movie/TV privileges for two nights in a row.

Let’s not talk about the Ramen noodles I scorched while researching travel bags.

And of course, there’s the passport drama. We don’t actually need passports for this cruise, but without them, we will need certified birth certificates. Who wants to fold and refold birth certificates for proof of identity all day? Boo, Pumpkin and I all have valid passports. Philip’s is expired and Bip doesn’t have one. So next week, we’re going down to the local passport acceptance office and get that all squared away. But we’re going to have them expedited and implore the aid of the Saint of Government Bureaucracy so we get them in time. Because even though we can use Bip’s birth certificate if we really have to, Philip doesn’t have one. He wasn’t born in the US or to US citizens. Of course, his parents are citizens now, and he and his brothers gained their citizenship with them. But I don’t want to even think about trying to present whatever birth certificate he has plus his naturalization papers. Cuz that won’t hold up the line or anything. So we really need his passport.

Bip took the world’s worst passport photo. I would share it, but it’s his full face and I’m all about internet safety. The poor boy lost his mind when he needed to stand on the chair to take his picture. The lady was very patient and just kept taking pictures until she got one that works. He’s crying and there’s a big ol’ tear rolling down his cheek. But he’s looking straight ahead, and that’s all that counts. I say we just let him travel on Becca’s passport. What are the chances that anyone will notice that the baby in the passport is supposed to be almost 4 and Bip will only be 2 1/2? Better not risk it, I’m having a hard enough time getting into heaven as it is.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. But I need to go now and check up on the Disney boards. Who knows what invaluable information has been posted in the last hour since I was there last.


Are you planning a Disney trip (Disneyland, DisneyWorld or Cruise)? Check out these helpful forums:

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The Passporter (travel guide) Community

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Check out this great site for Disney planning…www.allearsnet.com. Wonderful source of info. Be sure and sign up for the newsletter…it’s a great way to get in and keep in a Disney mood.

  • OH! The Passporter is heaven sent! Have so much fun on your cruise!! I’m jealous. We went to Disney World last November. It was “da bomb”!

  • So glad to read that you are enjoying your PassPorter for the Disney cruise! That book is fun to write because I LOVE to cruise. I stumbled upon your very nice blog while web surfing on my iPhone while I wait for my 3-year-old Alexander to finally fall asleep. He just started singing, “what do you do with a scurvy pirate” … It’s going to be a long night! Anyway, glad you like the book and feel free to e-mail me.

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