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Well, today is the day.  I wanted to give away a brand new Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, complete with instructional video.  It was supposed to be in the recycled Sonlight box over there.  So I went to get it this morning…not in there.  I have 3 of these slings, all brand new, left over from when I had an internet store, which I had to close when we moved to Korea.  I swear they were in that box.  So now I have no idea where they are and no real hopes of finding them before the end of the week.  I guess that means no bloggy give-away here today.  Maybe when I do find them, I’ll give them away at another time.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Oh shucks, that baby sling sounds just swell! Hope you find it soon =)I like your blog ~just following an award link over here!

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