Bunnies In the Yard.

Considering that we live in Washington, DC, we have a shocking amount of wildlife in our neighborhood.  Besides the usual birds and squirrels, we’ve got ducks and geese. And we’ve actually got a lot of bunnies.  Our first year here we had one bunny that lived in our backyard, but now it seems like there are bunnies everywhere.  Apparently they’ve been breeding like, well like rabbits.

Any given day we’ll find a bunny in our yard.  One morning I opened the dining room window to find this little critter enjoying a rest after his breakfast.

We’re having a drought here -almost 8 inches short of our normal rainfall and right on the edge of water rationing.  Most of the grass is dead and crunchy, but our yard enjoys shade for most of the day.  Our grass has remained green which must be why it’s turned into a bunny meeting ground.

A couple of days ago we spotted 2 bunnies in our yard, facing off against each other.
As we got closer, we saw a third bunny, snuggled up in the grass.  The first two were obviously arguing over the cute girl bunny waiting over by the flowers.  They actually got into a fight.
bunny fight

The third bunny ran off before I could get a picture of her and one of the others ran after her, leaving this guy all alone.

It’s getting to be pretty common to walk out to get into the car and find a bunny sitting there.  As long as we’re quiet enough, they’ll just there until we start the engine.  Except when Bip tries to catch them.  He can’t help himself, they are so cute and fluffy.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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