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I Rock!
The Top Reasons to Homeschool
Corner of the Bedroom – Part 1
Fourth of July
Got Clutter?
Happy Fourth of July
Moving Season
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I Rock!

Well,  at least according to Marie at Striving to Bring Light and Truth to the World Around Me. She has awarded me the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award for inspiring her with all the decluttering I’ve been doing lately! Thanks, Marie. Now I get this cool badge for my sidebar AND I get to award it to five other bloggers.

I think I’m going to be like Sandy and not award them all at once. Instead I’ll be on the lookout for blogs and posts that just so totally rock dude that they need an award. Who knows, maybe it’ll be you?

The Top Reasons to Homeschool

Our Top Reasons to Homeschool

10. Great student teacher ratio.
9. No school shootings
8. Cleaning out the refrigerator can double as chemistry lab.
7. You don’t have to wear shoes!
6. If you get caught talking to yourself, you can claim you’re having a PTA meeting.
5. The teacher gets to kiss the principal in the faculty lounge and no one gossips.
4. You don’t have to fix lunch in the morning.
3. Children will be better adjusted if they don’t learn social skills from the street gangs.
2. No need for a pass to be in the halls or the restroom.

And the number one reason to homeschool is…

You get to go on a Disney Cruise right in the middle of the “school year!”

That’s right, folks. My in-laws are taking our family on a 7 day Disney Cruise to the Caribbean in early December. We are all so excited that we can barely contain ourselves. I just glance at my husband and he says, “Disney Cruise!” which sets me off on a happy dance. No, I won’t show you and yes, I’ll try not to hurt myself.

I see one of those expensive, custom-fit Land’s End swimsuits in my future. And since we’ll have just celebrated our 15th anniversary the week before the cruise, perhaps Philip will be surprising me with the fresh-water pearl necklace with Mickey Mouse pendant for our formal dinner night.

So if I seem more highly distractable than usual, you’ll know why. I’m busy planning our vacation…


Corner of the Bedroom – Part 1

“When in doubt, pile it in the bedroom.”

Isn’t that everyone’s idea of organization?  It’s not?  What are you saying exactly?  That maybe that’s the reason just one corner of our bedroom looked like this…

Bedroom Corner 1


An extra end table piled with books and children’s winter clothes.

And isn’t the window just a vision with it’s white mini blinds?

With a little love, the corner now looks like this:cimg2191.JPG
The extra end table is gone, the books are put away, the winter clothes either went into the giving-away box or were packed away for cooler days.  I left only the books and magazines that I’m currently reading on the bottom shelf.  I moved the diaper pails (one for dipes, one for covers) into the space, which cleared up a different corner of the room.

And behold!


Wait till you see what’s crammed into the rest of the room!  But as I always say, that’s a post for another time.

Fourth of July

dc_fireworks.jpgSo did you hear what happened in Washington, DC on the 4th of July?

Our weather forecast was for scattered thunderstorms, but that itself was not cause for worry. It’s pretty much the forecast everyday during the summer, but it certainly doesn’t rain everyday. The day looked pretty decent in the morning. We hung up our flag, the kids rode their bikes, all was well. I made pasta salad for the party we’d being going to later. After lunch I put Bip down for a nap, Philip took Boo and Pumpkin Girl to the Freedom Fest on base. I snuck away from Bip and came downstairs. I happened to glance at our computer…ok, I was checking my email…and I saw that our Weather Channel alert button was blinking. Not good.

Turns out we were under a tornado watch until 10 pm! I checked the radar and it was clear, but still. I am terrified by tornadoes. I don’t like knowing that a day holds the potential for deadly destruction. I worry all day. Then the sky darkens with the approaching storm and my stomach gets in knots. The severe weather alert signals start sounding and I’m glued to the tv, watching the Super Cell of Death approaching. I watch the sky for signs it’s about to puke. I try to figure out where in my hastily built, WWII era, basement-less house I’m supposed to hide. Children? I have children? Sorry, it’s every coward for themselves.

I tend to panic during tornado watches. Tornado warnings? Let’s not go there.

By the time I met up with Philip and the children at our friends’ house, the sky had darkened and the radar was showing a couple of big red storm cells heading our way.

The other adults at the party were a little less concerned than I was, but were still monitoring the weather radio. By now a tornado warning had been issued for a county north of us and an even larger, angrier storm was coming at us.

By 5pm we decided to start grilling while we still had a grill before the storm arrived so that the kids (15 of them) could eat outside. By 5:45 a tornado warning had been issued for the country directly to the west of us, for a storm heading…East! And now the National Mall was being evacuated for the storms.

Evacuated – as in run for your lives, Big Killer Storm on the Way! OK, it was a little more orderly than that. Park police in golf carts telling people who’d staked their prime firework viewing spot hours ago to pack it up and move it out. People were put into 21 surrounding buildings to wait out the storm. They were anticipating letting people back on to the Mall by 7:30, if we weren’t all swept away to Oz, and have the fireworks display as scheduled.

As for me, I was quite anxious. Being around other, calmer adults helped. Listening to them tell their tornado horror stories didn’t help at all. Two different people separately suggested that perhaps I’d feel better with an amaretto slush.

Since everyone at the party was Catholic, we prayed a decade of the Rosary.

And then the approaching storm just sort of fell apart. It passed just north of us, hitting the abandoned Mall, but it was much smaller and we got only a few drops of rain. I’m telling you, prayers worked.

The rest of the evening passed without drama. We had a wonderful view of the fireworks from a grassy spot along the river, just 2 blocks from our house. We listened to the simulcast music on the radio and ooh and ahhed appropriately. The storm brought cooler temperatures and bit of a breeze. We returned to the party for round 3 of desserts and finally came home and put the kids to bed much too late.

Another Fourth of July not to be forgotten. I’m hoping next year will be far less stressful.

Got Clutter?

The Loveliness of Clearing the Clutter Fair will be hosted right here, by me, in just one month!  Why am I telling you now?  Because I want to make sure that anyone who wants to participate has lots of time to actually clear out their clutter!  You’ve got one month, so take a picture of your clutter and then get to work.  When you’re finished, take another picture and blog about how lovely your new space looks.   Submit your post via email to justlorri at gmail dot com.  Make sure you get both r’s in my name!  If you don’t have a blog and want to submit your pictures, email them to me and I’ll post them here on the day of the Fair.

If you have no clutter in your house, let us all know how you do it!  Have you recently cleared out some clutter? Show us how nice your home looks now.  If you’re like me and are battling the clutter monster, let’s use the next 4 weeks to do make some serious headway.

I’ll be accepting posts from now until August 3rd.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again.

Happy Fourth of July

pcrocket4.gifWhat are you doing to celebrate Independence Day?

We’re going to Freedom Fest here on base. Water slides, moon bounces, food and entertainment are all on the list of fun. Then we’ll be heading off to a BBQ at a neighbor’s house – 4 families, 15 kids. We will be able to see the fireworks from anywhere on base, but I think we’ll walk down to the Potomac for the best, unobstructed view. This year I’m toting along a portable radio and so we can listen to the simulcast music. Anything will be better than last year, when I was sick and stayed in bed all day with a fever. I watched the fireworks from one of our upstairs windows while wrapped in a blanket.

If you’re interested, you can catch watch the fireworks display on PBS.pcsamhat.gif

Whatever your plans, have a safe and happy Fourth of July!


Moving Season

move.jpgIt’s moving season. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, military families are packing up and moving on to their next assignments. Moving vans line the streets and on trash day, the curbs are piled with all sorts of potential treasures. Both houses on either side of us are empty, and a week from today Boo’s best friend will be gone.

It’s one of the disadvantages to the military life. We make friends with people for such a short amount of time. Our lives become entwined for a year or two and then we move on.

I remember reading once about the life of the military wife. “We work on projects that we will never see completed. We plant flowers that we will never see bloom.” It’s the hope that keeps us going.

When we are the ones moving, the stress and anxiety help keep the feelings of sadness at bay. We are worried about getting the house ready for the movers and stressed over the last minute details of picking up medical records and finding all the house keys. We wonder what sorts of things will get broken this time around and as the moving van pulls away, we hope that we really will see all of our earthly possessions again. Then we’ve still got to clean moving debris from the house, finish all the paper work and try to get to bed early before hitting the road the next morning. When we are the ones moving, there isn’t a lot of time to be sad.

When we are the ones staying, it’s a different story. We watch our friends packing out and we take their household cleaners and refrigerated foods that they could not take with them. Maybe we have a neighborhood barbeque to say goodbye and then just like that- they are gone. Most likely, we will never see them again.

Boo’s best friend and his family have already moved to the on-base hotel. There won’t be anymore Jedi training or drenching water gun fights. No hopeful little boy’s face trying to peer through my sidelight window, wondering if Boo can play. It’ll be hard for Boo to be the one left behind this time. My Mama-Heart will ache for him and I’m sure many an evening prayer will be said, asking God to send him another good friend into our neighborhood.

Yes, it’s moving season again. Time for empty houses where friends used to live, waiting in hopeful anticipation for new friends to move in.

More Loveliness Fairs

livesoflovelinesslogo200612_2_2.jpgElizabeth at Real Learning has just posted the summer list of Loveliness Fairs. Make sure you go check it out and see which ones inspire you. I have signed up to host what else…The Loveliness of Clearing the Clutter! I think this one will be pretty popular – who doesn’t have some sort of clutter in their house?

Participating in the Loveliness Fairs is easy. Write a post on your blog that fits the theme. Submit your entry to the host by the deadline, then don’t forget to read all the other entries! If you don’t have a blog, you can usually submit pictures which the host will post for you.

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