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I’m in a generous mood so I’m going to give something away here on my blog! Two things, actually!

Like many of you, I love a good planner. Over the years I have searched to find the perfect planner which meets my demanding criteria. First, I don’t need a lot of extras which add weight to the planner. I want it to be able to fit into my purse/diaper bag, or at least be easy to tote around. I need room to write down lots of different appointments, but I don’t need every day to be broken down into hourly or half-hourly lines. I need space for a decent size To Do list. Some sort of space for meal planning helpful. A small amount of space for addresses is nice, but not necessary. Cool stickers are a bonus.
Over the last year I’ve been using The Family Organizer by Amy Knapp. The only thing that would make this planner absolutely perfect is the addition of tabs. The included stickers could be cuter, but I can deal with that.

I’ve also discovered the Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner. This one includes a space for a prayer list and has helpful notations like feast days and mass readings. It comes with monthly tabs that you can stick on yourself if you want.

Both planners come with each month over two pages, followed by a two-page spread for each week. The Family Organizer has a To Do list on the left side, with the days of the week on the right with a space for menu planning. This is my hands down favorite layout. I like to keep a running To Do list, rarely assigning a task to a particular day. I like having the menu list along the side so that it stands out. Another plus is that it covers 18 months. This seems to be a growing trend in calendars/planners that are made for families. At first I didn’t like the extra months, but I realized that having calendar in August that extends to the end of the following year was very helpful when looking at schedules for scouts, sports, and various and sundry other activities.

The Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner has the weekly pages over a two page spread, with plenty of writing space in each day’s square. This style is better suited for daily To-Do lists. Menu planning pages are optional and are included at the end of the planner. This planner runs from August to the following July, which corresponds nicely with the school year.

Both planners are available in spiral bound and loose leaf 7 hole punched versions. Both 7 hole punch types fit Franklin Planners. Both spiral bound versions fit into the Black Nylon Cover sold on The Family Organizer site.

If only I could get the layout style of The Family Organizer printed with the Catholic notations of the Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner – then I would truly be in planner heaven!

So in the spirit of getting organized for the upcoming school year, whether you homeschool or not, I am giving away one each of the Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner AND The Family Organizer! This is especially cool because the Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner is now sold out! The small, spiral bound version, that is. I think the other sizes and styles are still available.

Here’s the rules:

1. Leave a comment on this post.

2. You must tell me which planner you want.

3. One entry per person please. If you promote this contest on your own blog and leave me a link in my comments, I’ll give you an extra entry.
4. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, yada yada yada.

5. There will be 2 prizes given away, one Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer July 2007-December 2008 edition and one Catholic Woman’s Daily Planner (with Menu planning pages) August 2007-July 2008 edition. Both are spiral bound.

6. Deadline for entering is August 22, 2007, 5 pm EDT.

7. The winners will be announced on August 23, 2007.

*Comments now closed. Thanks for participating!*

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