Back to Reality

I’m back from vacation.  Did you miss me?

We were on a week long Disney Cruise.  It was wonderful.  Not too relaxing, but wonderful all the same.  Did you enjoy all the snow that I caused?  Remember how much I dislike the heat of summer?  Remember how where ever I have lived in the last 15 years has had record warm winters?  And when I move, those same places break snowfall records in the very next winter? Well, the day before we left, that big storm that was coming across the US was still predicted to go north of DC.  Then as I boarded a plane to Florida, the storm grew and headed south.  I hear Washington got 2-3 inches snow while I was sunning it up in the Caribbean.   Of course the cruise director said that the week we were there was the best weather they’d had in 2 months.  He thanked “who ever brought the great weather with them.”  That would be me.

So now we’re back.  The bags are mostly unpacked.  We are all sporting a lovely tan.  We’ve added several Disney related items to our collection.  We’ve booked another cruise for 2009.  We even joined the Disney Vacation Club.

Sadly, now it’s back to cooking our own food and making our own beds.  No more Charlie and Ivan bringing Mickey ice cream bars or cheese cake or baked Alaska after dinner.  No more towel animals on our bed after dinner.  I just printed out this week’s school schedule (we took an extra day off to recooperate) and planned out our dinner menu.  I’ve got Brownie meeting plans to make and a stack of mail to answer.  Sigh.

Is it too early to start a 2009 Cruise Countdown?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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