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So Christmas Day has come and gone and now we are basking in the calm, relaxed days before the New Year.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  I enjoy the anticipation, the hustle and bustle, and the excitement of Advent.  But this week is just so restful.

Except for the sounds of Bip screaming, “No!  Boo-ah!” from upstairs.

Christmas Eve was a good one.  Mass was different this year.  A couple of months ago, the military Arch-Bishop (did you even know there is a military archdiocese?) decreed that we could no longer have a re-enactment of the Gospel during Mass.  Not even if it was after the actual Gospel reading.  Sigh.  I have some strong feelings on this issue, but this is not the time or place.  Instead, we had a small childrens choir which sang appropriate songs interspersed through the Gospel.  I’m not sure the bishop would have liked that either, but since we  no longer even have a bishop, any complainers will have to take it up with the Pope.

Anyway…there was a tense moment during “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” because during rehearsals my two children kept skipping the second verse and taking the whole choir with them.  After some intense practice at home, they were doing fine and got it right during Mass.  They both beamed at me immediately afterwards.

We came home to our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of tamales, rice and beans.  We got the children all nestled snug in their beds, but not after a last minute note for Santa.  Pumpkin Girl very nicely thanked him for coming, asked about Santa Mouse, then wrote “Sign Here” and drew a line for a signature.  I suspect next year she’ll be requiring 2 photo IDs and proof of insurance.  Of course, Santa was more than happy to sign her note.

Christmas morning dawned not too early with the sound of a herd of buffalo stampeding down the hallway.  Several minutes later, the herd returned and revealed itself to be Boo and Pumpkin who were anxious to get us up and going.

Forty-five minutes later, the presents had been opened, wrapping paper was everywhere and all was good and right in the world.

One of our biggest surprises came later in the morning when the phone rang.  I thought it was my mom, so I had Boo answer it.  He was silent for a while, then said, “it’s Goofy!”  We all crowded around two phones and listened to Goofy welcome us home from our cruise and wish us happy holidays and a festive New Year.  He hoped to see us again soon, then had to rush off because his cookies were burning.  Nothing like a little Disney magic to brighten your holiday!

And now we’re enjoying some time off from school and general responsibilities.  We may go house-hunting later today – in the most non-committal, we’re just looking kind of way.  I wonder if there are any good 50% off after-Christmas sales on houses?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I love Bishop O’Brien and am so sorry to have him leave the AMS; Baltimore is very lucky to have him. Noone is supposed to have plays during Mass – it’s not a part of the Liturgy. A children’s play belongs before or after Mass. It is not a decree by the Bishop; it’s the way that all CAtholic churches should be.

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