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  • My kids are Webkinz kids. It’s pretty harmless and a few of the games, daily routines, etc. are actually kind of enriching. I don’t understand the “no webkinz” declaration that some families make. What’s the harm? We subscribe to the Benedictine motto, ” All good things in moderation”. So have fun. Welcome to the dark side(kidding).

  • Oh Lorri, I feel your pain…we’re running out of space on my girls beds! Pretty soon thet’ll be sleeping on the floor.
    That’s where I need organization!(They are cute though!)

  • Oh, you lucky thing! I tend to love Webkinz. I have over a dozen myself. YIKES!! I “share” them with Harper, atleast that’s what I tell people. I actually went out today and bought 3 more. A kangaroo, a himalayin cat and a shnauzer. I’m addicted.

  • Let me tell you about my wonderful dear friend,

    COMPUTER TIME!!! I think it’s about $40 and it’s sooo wonderful!! :) I had a computaholic at 7 years of age… so I installed this and it completely monitors him and he died when the time was up… but he got over it!

    I can add tokens to them if they did their chores or all their homeschool work before a certain time… they get minutes added. :) I likened it to us having to work… we have to work to get a paycheck… you want to play… you have to work for it! :)

    I’m such a mean mother…

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