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  • LOL! So where are you getting these around here? Dh took the kids to Toys R Very Expensive last week after church while I was home sick. Turns out they don’t sell them there. Go figure. They recommended Hallmark. Uh, ok….

    So we’re holding steady with the one, though the boys are incredibly jealous. I found the games to be the perfect Sick Activity (for me, I mean). I earned dd thousands of $$ and would just call her over occasionally to spend it and “take care” of her “pet.”

    I like ’em. I was a big Beanie Baby fan, too, though, and they didn’t even have ENTERTAINMENT.


  • Ohhh, I’m loving the duck. It is as cute on-line? I think Adam needs one of those in his Easter basket.

    :) Tami

  • Where’s the hippo and the elephant? I heard they were hippos and elephants. Or was that just the fish that I ate? It smelled fishy but then again…it was fish. If you are a hippo or elephant – please step forward and smile (or raise a trunk or whatever you do).

  • Too cute. We have managed to hold off, so far in our household, though Christmas almost did us in. Fortunately, the next bday here is for the 16yo boy, don’t think he’ll care much about getting a webkinz, 😉

  • I was thinking of getting my dd a webkinz for her bday (not until August) but I recently found out that the website access is only good for one year…. wahhhhhh, I don’t like that and will have to rethink if it’s worth it esp since there are similar websites for free.

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