Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

OK, I promised pictures of our day at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Here’s the picture I took of Philip for his Linked In profile picture.  I told him I could Photoshop George Dubya in for him, but he declined.


Here are the children waiting for the whistle to blow.

And there goes Pumpkin Girl!  Boo was too fast and I didn’t get a picture of him.
Bip refused to roll his egg.  He wanted to open it up and see if there was candy inside.

Later, we met Spot the Dog and Peter Rabbit.

And Bip took a nap.

A great time was had by all!


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Lorri,
    how did you find out about this event? We aren’t too far from DC and there isn’t much excitement up here in DE for older homeschoolers. I have a friend who was able to take her dd to a tea at the White House at Christmas (I think). It was for military members only IF I recall correctly.

  • We were stationed here in DC in 2000-2002 and we heard about the Egg Roll back then from some neighbors. We went both years. This is our first time back since we’ve lived here this go-around. Tickets are given out the Saturday before Easter at 8 am, but you need to be line at the White House no later than around 11pm the night before. People literally camp out over night. The Egg Roll itself takes place the day after Easter, with timed entrance tickets. Each person in line can get up to five tickets and you can have no more than 2 adult tickets and 3 children’s tickets. One of the children in your party needs to be 7 or younger.

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