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Yesterday was just One of Those Days. The kind where I should have stayed in bed. It started with 2 yo Bip waking with the sun and pouncing on me hopefully. As I opened my eyes, I realized I had a headache. I’m not sure if these waking headaches that I get are true migraines, but they are wicked. The only cure seems to be 2 doses of Exedrin (taken the appropriate amount of hours apart) and sleep. Lots of sleep.

If I was smart, I would close my eyes and go back to sleep. But I never do. Instead, I force myself awake and try to go about my day. By mid-morning my head is pounding, I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m glaring at any child who so much as dares to breathe in my personal space. It’s not pretty.

Thankfully, Philip has a 5 minute commute and can come home for lunch. That’s about as close to a substitute teacher as I can get – and I’m extremely grateful. I was already laid out on the couch before Philip arrived home. I vaguely remember hearing him come in, then the next thing I knew it was an hour later and he was saying goodbye.

Later I napped with Bip and woke up after 2 hours feeling groggy and still headachy. It wasn’t until after dinner that the pain finally subsided and I thought I could get up and venture to the mailbox for a little bit of fresh air.

I’m so glad I did because I had a package and inside was this:

Pumpkin Girl and I have been inspired by the whole Martha Years series, a prequel to the Little House On the Prairie books. Martha Morse learns to spin yarn with a drop spindle and we figured if she could do it, so could we.

So me and my newly pain-free head sat down to figure out how to spin. Um, right. I usually do pretty well with reading instructions and learning something new, but this old-fashioned drop spindle thing has got me flummoxed. We’ve got some lovely girly-girl roving waiting for us to spin (it’s the last picture), so hopefully I’ll make some headway soon. I’m not sure this whole spinning our own yarn thing is really a good idea though- my list of knitting projects is getting longer, not to mention the decades long backlog of scrapbooking, teaching Pumpkin to knit and sew, and some ladder back chairs that need new Shaker tape seats. Sigh. So many crafts, so little time.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Lorri, I hope you are feeling MUCH better now. Have you tried spinning yet? I want to but I think I am a little bit afraid to try(which is silly…it’s just WOOL).

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