Very Cool

Look what my Mother’s Day yielded for me:

A new laptop and a beautiful vase made by Boo and Pumpkin Girl! The laptop is ready for Wifi, though sadly, we don’t have a wireless router for the other computer. So right now, it’s still only for playing the pre-installed games.

Boo and Pumpkin made this vase at our homeschool group. Our fearless leader Tami, casually suggested that the other moms take our toddlers to the park while she worked on the week’s project with the older children. They came back brimming with secrets and when the day arrived, they were so pleased to present me with their homemade gift. I think I like it better than the laptop! Now if only Philip will keep it filled with flowers.

Later in the day, I met up with my friend Shanti at our local yarn store. We had lunch, knit some and then she gave me a lesson on how to use my new drop spindle. It was much easier to learn in person and look!  I made yarn!

How cool is that?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day! I LOVE the beautiful vase that the kids made for you :) The next time you are with Shanti, give her a hug from me. Mom

  • Cool!! Your laptop looks like it could be a twin of mine (naturally!). I actually don’t end up using mine as much as I’d like because I feel like it’s so…vulnerable…in a small house with so many kids! I hesitate to get it out. :) I need to get over it.

    The vase is adorable. Tami is too clever.

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