So Now It’s Summer

Maybe I should move to Alaska.  I hear they have short summers.  I don’t know why I don’t care for summer much.  Maybe it’s the sun sensitivity I’ve developed, the mosquitoes, the heat, the humidity, the lack of snow.  I’ll be OK, though.  The Good Lord saw fit to provide me with free air conditioning, so I’ll stay inside and drink copious amounts of ice tea.  It could be worse.

With the start of the summer comes the time honored tradition of torturing our children with swimming lessons.  They both like the concept of learning to swim and love being in the pool, but the actual swimming lessons – forget it.  This year they are offering lessons free at our base pool.  Boo’s class starts a 8 am, so I got Phil to take him on his way to work and to stick around for a bit until I can get it together enough to bring the other children along.  Pumpkin Girl’s class starts at 9 and we’re all back by 10.

The irony of the whole thing is that a week ago it was so dang hot that the pool opened on one of it’s normally closed day.  I’m sure the cooling waters of the pool were a welcome relief to the near 100 degrees we hit that week.  Sadly for the swimmers (not so much for me), the highs this week were in the 80’s, making it only about 70 degrees at class time.  My children were so cold that they asked for hot chocolate on the way home.  Poor kids! Ha.  Let the torture continue.

Fortunately for me, Bip is happy to sit on a poolside lounge chair and play with his Boba Fetts.  That gives me lots of good knitting time while watching my children shivering in the pool.  Their instructors are equally unsympathetic to the cold, telling their class to do more flutter kicks to stay warm.  I just smile and keep on knitting.

In other summer related news, I’ve given my blog a new patriotic summer look.  If you’re reading through email or a feed, be sure to stop by and check out the new look.  Which reminds me, did you know you can subscribe to my blog through email?  There’s a link at the very bottom of my sidebar.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I love the new patriotic look… and even though I subscribe to your blog by email I almost ALWAYS come here to read it… I just like it better here.

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