The Scarf Debate

I didn’t really want to get into politics on my blog, but an important issue has been brought up and it cannot be ignored.

When purchasing or making a hat or scarf, do you coordinate it to the color of the jacket it’ll be worn with?

Hanging preposition and all, this is serious stuff.

My neighbors and I were sitting around knitting, like all good Christian mothers are wont to do on a late Friday afternoon, when one mentioned matching a scarf to match her daughter’s jacket.  I’d never heard of such a thing, and neither did the other ladies in the room.

Now I will admit that it might be a cute idea, a pink scarf to match a pink coat, but I wouldn’t deliberately try to match them.  In our family, we buy children’s winter coats in gender neutral colors like blue and red so that they can handed down from boy to girl to boy.  I knit scarves based on the preferences of the child – an alligator scarf for Bip, a white one with multi-colored fleck for Pumpkin Girl and a blue and red striped one for Boo.

Philip is in possession of the Boyfriend Scarf, a multi-year, multi-boy project that deserves a post of its own.

So I am fascinated about the act of going out with willful intent to match a scarf and hat to a coat.  Of course, I wear a blue coat with a pink scarf and a Roots Olympic Beret.  I also wear pink Hanna Andersson clogs regardless of what color I’m wearing, so what do I know?

So what say you all?  Do you coordinate your scarf or hat color to your coat color?  And in which state did you grow up?  I’ve got a theory about this.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I’m from South Texas. What the heck is a scarf?

    Oh… and don’t think for a second that you can drop a bomb like “Boyfriend Scarf” and walk away. Yes, you will be writing a post about that one. Missy Ma’am!!!

  • Yes, I do coordinate my coats and scarves. Mind you, I have jackets and coats in a full range of color from black to brown to red and blue (Hi, my name is Shanti and I have a coat problem) so any scarf I choose to know would probably work with at least one coat.

    Sometimes I match the scarf to the outfit I’m wearing under the coat, too. Just in case I need the scarf in the office.

    I’m a little compulsive.

  • Matching the hat and scarf to the coat is a must. I had no idea there were people out there mixing their winter wear all willy-nilly. Gives me the shivers. I’m a Southern girl, by the way.

  • Absolutely match the hat and scarf to the coat. And…if the kids wanted a specific scarf, then you HAVE to go buy them a new coat to match. : )

  • Well, since I only need to wear a scarf about twice a year, no, I don’t match the scarf to the coat–I wear whatever scarf I find in the “ski clothes” bag! :)

  • You wear scarves with coats? I thought they were only used as belts for dressup. We Texans have a lot to learn about cold weather. 😉

  • Being the Mom of three girls, we seem to always try to match the hat, scarves, and a coat in the same color family….or close..LOL! It’s all about fashion!
    We do have lots of pink, and my oldest prefers the neutral family…we’re from the Northern New Jersey area….maybe because we’re close to NYC???? LOL!

  • We coordinate everything…and I mean everything…right down to the skivvies. You never know when you’re gonna be in a car accident, right? hahaha I don’t know if it’s a southern thing or what (I’m from TN…living in TX) but coordinating is very important to me.

  • Well, if Tami’s going to reply, so will I!! I don’t match, I buy what’s on sale. Though I do have to say, it MIGHT have matched at one time.
    I think it has to do more with personality and upbringing–I’m from Ohio.

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