Boys’ Fort

We have a lot of empty houses here on base, which isn’t as bad as you might think.  More empty houses means more room for the rest of us.  Boo and his buddies have been rather resourceful in commandeering the backyard of one of those houses as their HQ.  They were actually quite fond of attacking their sisters at their club – it created quite fuss.  I suggested that the boys move to a different house, perhaps to one on the high ground, thus appealing to their inner soldier.  These are the sons of military officers, after all.

They chose an empty house behind ours.  The advantage is that I can an eye on them right from my computer.  I can blog, I can supervise.  The girls are left alone, the boys have the high ground.  It’s all good.

Over the summer the boys scrounged up various and sundry items left on the curb as people moved out.  They’ve got a couple of wood pallets providing cover from incoming fire (mine?), a table and a couple of topiaries.  Last week I noticed they had even gotten themselves a Weber kettle grill.  WHAT is it about men and fire?

Seeing the grill made me giggle.  It’s like they are all set to bivouac up there.  All they need is a water buffalo and they’re all set.

This is the view of the HQ from my house.

Inside the HQ, looking down at my backyard.  Note the clever use of discarded mop poles to prop up their barricade. Shades of Les Miz?

Here’s their main Area of Operations.  Boo informs me that the smoke controller thing on the grill is used to activate the force field.  Right.

Boys.  Gotta love ’em!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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