What a Day!

My husband had today off as did many people who work in the District.  So we took the day off school too, even though we got a great civics lesson watching the inauguration.  We looked for a church friend on TV, he was part of the honor guard and carrying a flag.  They never zoomed in close enough to any of the military people for us to identify him, though.

Did anyone notice that we traded one big eared president for another?  I wonder what that means.

My friend Shanti, who is younger than me and therefore far less curmudgeonly, got out with the crowds today.  Check out her Inauguration Meanderings.

Our day did not actually center around politics, though.  We spent most of the time seriously purging and packing up the childrens’ rooms.  It is so hard to get them to give up any of their valuable possessions, no matter how infrequently they play with them.  However, they were very willing to allow us to pack up lots and lots of toys and stuffed animals until we arrive in Colorado – in 6 months!  We agreed that if there is anything that got packed up that they want to play with before we move, they can ask and we’ll get it for them.  Everything else that stays packed up until after we move – well, we got them to agree that we’ll evaluate it at that time.  I’m betting a lot of it can be given away.  Ideally, of course, we’d get rid of it before we move, but this is a good compromise.

Going through every square inch of the bedroom and playroom was exhausting and frustrating.  Yet satisfying.  Pumpkin Girl especially, who is very sentimental, saw the benefit of moving out lesser used toys to make room for her ever growing collection of craft supplies (resemble mom much?).

Then I spent a good half hour sobbing my eyes out on Philip’s shoulder about a misunderstanding I had with someone else.  Turns out I completely didn’t understand what I read and by the time I had a solution worked out, a new email had arrived explaining what the situation really was.

But right under that email was a notification from PayPal regarding the shipping information for a $1,600 order I didn’t place!  Holy Fraud, Batman, we’ve been hacked!  The next 45 minutes or so was spent with Philip on one phone and me on another, filing a claim with Paypal, contacting the bank, etc, etc, etc.  Someone paid for a Macbook they bought on eBay with my Paypal account.  I have now changed every single password on every online account that I can think of, including the one to my blog.

It’s no wonder I have a headache, is it?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Colorado? I’m confused. I thought you were going to California. I thought you had more time in D.C. Obviously, I am way behind on my news. Please tell me the blog is going with you.

  • Oh wow! You poor thing. I actually won’t open any emails from Ebay. I will go to my account to see any information that they need to give to me, because sometimes it is a scam. I’m glad your email was a true one, and helped you to find the problem.

    I didnt’ realize it was time for you to move again. I was thinking how exciting it would be to get to meet you someday, since I live in VA. I guess I have 6 months to do it!

  • I’m only a year younger than you, although I do indeed appear to be far less curmudgeonly. Then again, I suspect you escaped the weekend uninjured, which I did not. I can claim that I took a nap on the floor of the Newseum and how many people can say that?

    So glad you caught the PayPal thing quickly! And it reminds me why I abandoned eBay years ago. To scary for me.

  • First he was holding the flag during the swearing in, the air force flag, then he was a rifle guard during the “parade”. I’m sure there will be pictures and I will show them to everyone, and he will be embarrassed.
    I made my kids do school work anyway.

    wow that’s a lot to steal, any chance it was an accident?
    no probably not, huh?

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