What I Meant to Say

What I wanted to tell you on Tuesday, before my day went all higgeldy-piggledy, was about how nice my birthday was.

Philip got me an iTouch which I am enjoying immensely.  I don’t use my cell phone often enough to justify any more than a prepaid plan, so an iPhone would have been an extravagance I was unwilling to pay money for.  We hit a minor snag during the day when we couldn’t remember the stinkin’ password to our router, so my iTouch wasn’t able to do much of anything.  We finally got that squared away and I got busy downloading fun applications.  I got Aurora Feint, Mancala, Topple and Suduko.  If you’ve got an iTouch/Phone, what free or cheap applications do you enjoy?

I also got a Wii Music game.  Way. Too.  Fun!  Easy enough for the kids to enjoy, but still somewhat challenging.  Pumpkin Girl and I totally rock the handbells, playing “Do Re Mi” together.

Speaking of Pumpkin Girl, she and Boo made me a book, complete with recycled cardboard box covers.  The funny thing is, they faced the boxes so the graphics are facing out, and they used a Hostess Cupcake box and a Nilla Wafer box.  Yummy!  Pumpkin wrote the story about a princess and her family.  Boo did the stapling. They were all secretive and busy the day before, the way kids are when they are planning a surprise.  I pretended not to know something was up and made sure to stand on the landing of the stairs and call down loudly to Philip that I was going upstairs now, just in case he needed me.  The scurrying, squeals and slamming of the door that followed cracked me up. I think their book is my favorite gift ever.

We had already gone out to eat on Sunday since we anticipated a lot of pre-inauguration traffic on Monday night.  Bip loves Chili’s, so we stopped there on the way home from the craft store.  It was lunch time, but we ordered dessert.  I’m not sure why, but they asked if we were celebrating a birthday.  We told them we were celebrating mine and they gave us the dessert on the house.  It was their white chocolate molten cake.  Delicious!

So see – I can have good days, too! Granted, they aren’t nearly as funny in retrospect, but they do happen!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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