Everything Was Going So Well

During Pumpkin Girl’s piano lesson I realized that it was a good time to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. So I did.

All clean and shiny and smelling like lemon verbena.

As I said goodbye to the piano teacher, I caught a whiff of something, shall we say…not so pleasant.

I walked through the kitchen towards the living room and realized I hadn’t seen Bip in several minutes.


He replied from the newly cleaned bathroom, “I have sumting to tell you.”

Oh no.

Let’s just say that his stomach is clearly upset and he had made a mess of epic proportions all over his clothes, himself, the toilet and my clean floor.  Clothes were immediately thrown in the washing machine, and I carried Bip at arms length upstairs for a bath.  Boo was put to work supervising the bath while I tackled the bathroom.

I wiped up and mopped again, remembering to throw the mop head into the washer with the clothes and now my bathroom is clean again.  This time it smells like Chlorox wipes and Lysol spray.

I bathed the boy and washed my hands 52 times because of course I didn’t wear gloves while cleaning. Gloves are for rookies anyways.

Oh, and the computer is acting up again.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I’m sorry. I will be praying for containment of the germs, and accuracy for Bip. Let me know if you need me to run to the commissary or anything.

    :) Tami

  • I am so sorry that Bip is sick. Bleh! But….“I have sumting to tell you.” cracked me up. He is so darn cute. Even when he is sick.

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