Another Snow Day

Subtitle: School, schmool!

We rarely get more than an inch or two of snow at time around here, so I let Boo and Pumpkin Girl have another shortened school day in favor going sledding.  Let’s just call it extra gym class. :)

Our formally fluffy front porch…

looked like this when we headed out:

That’s mostly ice, just for the record.

Much fun was had by all…

We were joined by my friend’s children, who are also my children’s friends.  They had races…

and some wipe-outs.

The boys engaged in some guerrilla sledding, which involved shoving off down the hill and trying to hit each other with snow balls.  In this picture, Boo’s buddy gets him good.

I got a chance to sled, too, but mostly I just took pictures.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Wow, now I know why they ask me to type in the word in the lil box.
    Lorri, I think you are a very neat and exciting mother and woman. I was actually looking on information about lent for a personal and school reference when your site popped up. I found myself lost in it and reading through February and March and I don’t even know what all else but it’s been about an hour. I just wanted you to know I fond you interesting and I think you find very productive things to do with your spare time!
    I wish I could learn how to knit. I will some day. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Thanks for the fly of time you share with others. Have a good one.

    Kera D.

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