Portrait of the Blogger in a Pink Hat

My most recently completed knitting project – a pink, cabled beret.  I’ve read that slouchy berets are all the rage out in California, and you know me – always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Here it is, flat on the table.

I’d never done cables before, but they were surprisingly easy.  I added an additional round to the pattern to accomodate my big head and thick hair, and also to allow the hat to come down and cover my ears.  The next time I wear it, I’ll probably be in Colorado.  Barring an early Spring snowstorm here, of course.  One can hope.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • I love it!! I really do. You look quite fashionable in your fantastic pink beret:) You would be the envy of everyone in California.

  • That looks like a beret pattern I’ve had collecting dust. I have some really nice yarn waiting for it, just no time till this summer to make it.

  • Did the neighbor catch you doing this self portrait? Or was that just the socks? HA HA :) With all of us as neighbors, I’m sure he thinks he’s moved into the loony bin.

  • That is really lovely! And I love the cable work. What kind of yarn is that?

    I’ve made a few different beret-like caps, and folks always love them whenever and wherever the girls wear them. And of course this reminds me of the chemo-cap projects I’ve been working on…see my other blog.

    But your cap puts mine to shame.

  • Wow, thanks, everyone! I had fun knitting this beret and learning cables.

    The yarn is Elann’s Superwash Worsted in Seashell Pink. It’s incredibly soft! You can find it at elann.com

    I learned that the trick to wearing a beret is to push it back on your head like I have it in my picture or down the side. You don’t want the bulk of it just sitting on the top of your head. Part of the reason I made mine large was so that it wouldn’t slip off my head.

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