Bip has a love of  cars.  “Cars” the movie cars, Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels cars – anything on wheels, he loves.  He has quite a little collection going and he plays with them every single day.   A year ago, he’d amuse himself by lining his cars up across the living room, giving us time to do school.   I keep 3 in my purse, for church, waiting rooms and restaurants where he needs to keep relatively quiet.  Bip’s cars are found in almost every room in the house.  He loves his cars.

A while ago – he’s only 3 1/2, so it couldn’t have been too far back – he named one of his cars.  Just one.  He named it Wohtee.


This is Wohtee.

Shortly after Wohtee got his name, Wohtee disappeared.  Bip didn’t talk much then, but he spent much of his waking hours asking, “Where Wohtee?”.   The other blue cars wouldn’t do, he had to have Wohtee.  What makes Wohtee so special is that his tail fin lifts up and you can look inside, so when Wohtee was found, there was much rejoicing.

Then Bip discovered “Car” the movie.  He fell in love, of course, in part due to a role by none other than his beloved Wohtee.


See the resemblance?

Even now Bip still refers to The King as Wohtee.  And the original Wohtee remains a favorite.

Wohtee met with disaster this morning.  Apparently there was an unfortunate bombing incident in the dining room and Wohtee might have been blown out of a cannon, thought that part is unclear, and he landed on the hard, linoleum floor, breaking off the part that makes him so uniquely Wohtee – his lifting tail fin.


Alas, poor Wohtee, we knew him well.

I can’t fix him.  I tried.  So now what? Try to replace him, I guess. All I know is that he is a Hot Wheels car, but there is no other name on him.  Just “1988”, which I learned is not the year Wohtee was made, but the year the real car was first manufactured.  Upon closer examination, I think he might be a Ferrari:


I’ve looked online and I can find Hot Wheels Ferrari F40’s and F50’s which are close but not exactly like Wohtee, but not one of them is blue.

Does anybody out there know cars enough to identify Wohtee?  Know somebody that does?  If I could figure out exactly what kind of car he is, it would make finding his replacement easier.

Anybody know a Hot Wheels collector that might help figure out what Wohtee is?  Is there a patron saint for this?

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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