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THANK YOU! To everyone who helped or volunteered to help us locate a replacement Wohtee. I had taken a picture of the bottom of the car and was on my blog’s admin site to upload the picture, when I saw I had one comment that was pending approval. That comment was from Phil’s brother and he had left 2 links which correctly identified Wohtee as the Ferrari F40, plus he found a blue one on Amazon.com. ( I think the comment went in the moderation queue as an anti-spam measure since it contained 2 links.) I Googled all morning for a Ferrari F40 in blue and couldn’t find it. So Donald, I bow to your superior search skills.


We’ve been spending a lot of time in church lately. Last Saturday we participated in the parish’s Seder Service potluck. Lots of yummy food and Boo got to read the part of the youngest child asking the “why” questions.

We attended mass on Holy Thursday and Philip was one of the 12 men to get their feet washed.   When they were finished, they each came down and washed the feet of their families.  The water was COLD!.  Bip thought it was great fun.

Good Friday was just an amazing service.  So beautiful, so stark, so sad, so hopeful.  Boo was an altar server, so he was excited to tell us that he “didn’t do too badly” with all the new things he needed to do for that mass.  Actually, he did quite well and looked rather handsome, too.

And this morning we were in church again for rehearsal for tonight’s Easter Vigil.  I’m excited about this since we are sponsoring our friends into the church.  It’ll be a long  mass ( I counted 7 readings, an epistle and the Gospel) and one I wouldn’t normally take the children to, but it’s going to be well worth it.  I hope Bip hangs in there well, or at least just goes to sleep.

Plus, Boo and I grabbed the opportunity to go to Confession after the rehearsal (Philip and Pumpkin went earlier at a Penance Service) so we are feeling clean and shiny, too.

Replacement Wohtee is on the way, beautiful church services, friends coming into the church and Easter dinner with more friends.  We’re all feeling fine.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Little Brother always fell asleep at Easter Vigil. We brought a knitted blanket for him, to pad the pew with so he’d have a soft place to lie down. Hopefully Bip will hang in there! Congratulations to your RCIA folks!

  • I am so happy your family experienced the beauty of our Catholic Holy Week traditions. I especially enjoyed our Good Friday service. We use a large cross that is about 8 ft. tall (it is way taller than Fr. Daniel). After the traditional veneration of the cross, the cross is passed over the heads of the congregation, up one side and down the other. Everyone wants to touch the cross as it passes overhead. This is done in silence and is so moving.

    Our Easter Vigil was 2 and a half hours long, but it too, was beautiful and moving. We all have candles and the readings are done by the light of the candles. Then the lights come on, bells start to ring inside and from the bell tower and the choir breaks out in a resounding Gloria. As I was on my way last night to the Easter Vigil, I was remembering the Easter Vigil when Phil was baptized. Now, that was long…there were so many people baptized that night! I remember the choir breaking out in song as each person was baptized. I also remember Boo was about 3 months old and a real “chunk” by the then and you held him the whole time! Ah, memories…

    This is what you are giving your children…memories.
    Maybe they won’t appreciate these long services now,
    but the Catholic traditions that you are showing them are part of who they are as Catholics and they will treasure these traditions in the years to come.

    I hope you, Phil and my wonderful grandchildren have a beautiful Easter Day! Wishing you all, Easter joy!

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