Post Performance Wrap Up

So yes, we all survived the folklorico performance.  And wow! What an experience.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating – Boo and Pumpkin Girl had 5 costumes each, to include hats, hair pieces and various accessories like rebozos, machetes and paliacates (bandannas).

I had a list, of course I had a list.  I had a print out of the entire show, in order, with the list of needed costume pieces running down each side.  Pumpkin’s costumes on the left, Boo’s on the right.  We had a full dress rehearsal the night before and I realized how unprepared I actually was.   I developed a new game plan for performance night, which was derailed when the children had to change dressing areas 10 minutes before taking the stage.  I was not amused.

Nonetheless, all went well.  The costume changes were fast and furious and all the children danced their hearts out.  Pumpkin was beautiful, if I do say so myself, and Boo did me proud.  He danced 3 dances in a row, stopping only to get or discard props backstage as needed.

From the state of Guerrero, they opened the show with “Son de Costa.”



That’s Boo on the right and Pumpkin on the left, in the turquoise skirt.

The adults danced 3 dances while the children raced to ready for their polka, “El Jaral.” This is the one they danced for the America’s Got Talent auditions.




Their next costume change was difficult. The polka hairpieces are held in place with hair pins and have to be removed carefully so as not to ruin their real hair. The next two dances also had props, but different props for each dance.

From the state of Jalisco, they first danced “La Jota Tapatia.”



Followed quickly by “Los Machetes”, the children’s specialty.


Boo totally rocks the machetes.


A little skirt work from Pumpkin Girl.


Boo’s too cool for a sombrero.


Is it the French or Mexican blood in Boo that makes him look like he’s ready to lead a revolution?That’s Pumpkin on the right, wearing turquoise again.

The intermediate class took a break while Boo handed me his machetes and popped back on stage to dance “Alazanas” with the advanced class.



The adults danced, and then the children came back to dance “La Culebra.”



Here come the boys to rescue the girls from the snake!

After intermission were 2 pre-Hispanic dances.

The boys spent about half of the dance jumping in circles while in a squatting position. Boo was the only one who made it through the whole dance. Just watching them made our leg muscles burn. Boo is the middle boy in the first row.


Pumpkin is the small one in yellow.


And finally, from the state of Veracruz, “Contradanza” and “El Colas.”





At the curtain call they were given streamers to throw.


Here, the girls look to see where they went.



More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • How did I miss this post? My kiddos think you are very funny to read, so they begged to go through old posts and I found this.
    The kiddos look fabulous in their costumes. I cannot imagine FIVE costume changes. One in the ballet recital was enough for me. Good job Boo and Pumpkin Girl, and you too Mommy. Way to keep everything organized.

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