First Communion time is looming.  We have a dress and shoes and stockings.  I have a gift planned.  The banner is ready.  The only thing really left to take care of is the veil.

I don’t know how it happened, but when I made my first communion I ended up with a rented dress and veil.  There aren’t any pictures of me that day, either.  It’s disappointing, not having anything to pass along to my daughter for her First Communion.

Then I heard about somebody’s tradition of passing along their wedding veil to their daughter for First Communion.  My bridal veil is in two pieces, a circlet of flowers plus a separate veil.  The veil is much too long for an 8 year old, but the circlet of flowers is perfect.

So we went in search of an appropriate veil.  We found the perfect one, a miniature version of the veil I wore when I became her father’s bride.  Mine was edged with pearls, hers is edged with satin.

When it arrived, she tried it on with my head piece.  It – she – is beautiful.


More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • She is beautiful! I did have my First Communion veil for the big day, but it broke that morning. I’m glad I didn’t care that much or it would have been a big disappointment.

  • Oh how lovely! I was able to wear my mother’s wedding veil for my wedding, and I think that would be a beautiful thing to have for a first communion.

  • I always wanted to be Catholic right around the time that First Communion dresses came out in the stores. Kind of like that folklorico dress Pumpkin wanted last year – white and frilly and those might have been the only dresses that would have made me accept looking girly.

    Pumpkin does indeed look beautiful, and it’s wonderful that you’ll be sharing your circlet.

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