Dream House

In a few weeks, we’re going to go house hunting.  We’ll be buying a house for the very first time ever and God willing, it will be our only house.  We have some definite ideas of what this dream house will have, even the children have their wish list.

Boo would like a garage.

Pumpkin Girl wants a finished attic.

Bip wants an alligator elevator in the living room.

I think someone is going to have to compromise.

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • You are right, a compromise is in order. Not every house can have a cool attic. Now that elevator, that is a must! Oh, I love Bip. He just makes me laugh. My kiddos received their letters, they all miss their friends.
    Good luck with the house hunting. After base living, I’m not so worried about your need to find a house you love. I do think finding the neighborhood may be a little more tricky. I will focus my prayers on that. May God hold you close during this exciting transition.

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