Pumpkin’s First Communion

Pumpkin Girl made her First Communion on the day before Mother’s Day. She and I attended a retreat the weekend before where she did several crafts and we made unleavened bread together.  It was a special treat to spend the afternoon with her.

The big day rolled around and her class and their families gathered together for breakfast at the church and a brief rehearsal.  Then home for several hours and back for mass in the evening.




Boo got to serve mass that day, at his request. Just between you and me, he really does love his sister!

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • Oh Lorri, she is just so beautiful. I am homesick for all of you, and hate that we missed this day. Thank you for sharing pictures, I can’t want to show my kiddos. A certain little girl in the family will be thrilled to see Pumpkin Girl in her beautiful dress.

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