On our second day of house hunting, Pike’s Peak was clearly visible, strong and silent and covered with snow.  The rain was gone and the temperatures were mild and we were confident that God would reveal our new house to us, just as he had revealed the mountain.

We were right.


I’m reluctant to share too many pictures here because the house is still occupied and the pictures are full of their stuff.

But I will show you the kitchen.


And the view from the dining room into the backyard.


And check out the staircase –


And for good measure, this is the park directly across the street.

We close on June 30th.

As Boo used to say so often, “God has blessed us again!”

More Mac and Cheese, please!


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  • What a beautiful place! Congrats on finding such a nice home! (Hope to meet you when we\’re in the area in Sept!)


  • I’m so happy for you guys…and such a quick closing date. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. At least Bip will have fun sliding down the stairs.

  • Looks like a wonderful new house you’ll be living in! Colorado is a lovely state full of natural beauty. We visited a few times when we lived in NM and always enjoyed the Denver metro area. I am glad you have such an important part of starting a new phase finished. It can be exciting to move somewhere new but not knowing where home will be can make things very nerve racking, as I know from experience. Hope settling in will go smoothly.

    Very happy to see such a nice retirement ceremony for your husband. Please thank him for dedicating himself to protecting the countless many he will never met but appreciate him and his efforts none the less and know our way of life would not be possible with out him and other millitary service people like him.

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